Curriculum Links

These websites are commonly used throughout the Trust to support children's learning.

The schools have access to a wide range of resources to watch and interact with, supporting pupils and parents at home, helping to consolidate children's learning and exploring new ideas.

These resources include some curriculum websites that each child can log into individually, so that they can access personalised activities that have been set by the class teachers and watch online video and up-to-date news with safe, child-friendly content.


Office 365

Your child will have an Office365 account that can be used at home to access all the Microsoft tools available, and also your child’s documents and work.

The account will give you access to the OneNote notebook for your child’s class, where everything the teacher writes and shows each day can be viewed in almost real time. You will also be able to view your child’s personal area where learning targets, records and examples of work are added throughout the term.


OneNote Notebooks

From now on class notebooks will be accessed by logging into Teams and visiting your class team.

Office 365 Portal

Using Microsoft 365 - our Help Guides

Curriculum Links

These websites are commonly used in school to support your child's learning.