ISG, the builders responsible for constructing Monkerton Community Primary School, have carried on throughout the Covid-19 lockdown which began in late March, and progress with the entire framework of the building has been excellent.

Plans for the school’s facilities include lots of outdoor space as well as hi-tech classrooms. There will be a football pitch, a multi-use games area and a playground, and the Early Years area will feature a full range of equipment in a secure play space.

The first group of Monkerton children will begin their education in two dedicated classrooms at Westclyst Community Primary School (WCPS) where they will benefit from interaction with other schoolchildren. Plans are being made to extend the Early Years space at WCPS to accommodate them.

It is anticipated that this arrangement will be for the first term, depending on construction progress at Monkerton; the timing of the move to the new school building will be made in the best interests of the children.