Creative arts at MCPS will consist of Music, Art, Drama and Dance. 

Throughout the year we will aim for the children to develop understanding and skills by delivering the National Curriculum in an imaginative and thoughtful way. The purpose is to make the appreciation of, and lively engagement with, the creative arts central to every pupil’s education as an essential part of their development as positive, thoughtful and responsible individuals.

The creative arts will be approached in a cross-curricular, multi-disciplinary way whereby concepts and skills common to all the arts are emphasised, and skills from the four areas are used to create joint projects such as school productions. We will enrich pupils' learning by choosing themes which enable them to relate to the world in which they live, incorporating modern resources.

We will encourage all pupils to develop to their full potential and will support and seek opportunities outside of school for those children who display a particular talent. In addition to building upon previous successes within the trust, we want to develop our partnerships with other schools, nationally and internationally, and our engagement with the arts sector.