The week didn’t just start with a bang but ended with a bang! KS2 across the trust were given the opportunity to revel in wonderfully explosive science themes this week. They explored forces and motions and how fire effects materials. Casting their imaginations through the Earth’s atmosphere, they learnt about oxygen and how it’s absence can effect life in space. They also enjoyed experimenting with how rockets are propelled through the air, considering the aerodynamics and how speed is critical to penetrate the Earth's atmosphere.

Mr Kimber started to crack-up as his alter ego, ‘Eggy Mr Kimber’ was subject to a rather impressive explosion! Thankfully, no one was harmed in this experiment as health and safety was a priority for such scientific endeavours.

To be innovative was a focal point of this week, encouraging children to research some of the great inventors of our time and inspire them to make their own creations. For example, Year 4 looked at Samuel Morse, the inventor of Morse code, and were inspired to create their own Morse code machines using electrical circuits, lights and buzzers. At the same time, Year 3 explored light and how shadows are made, resulting in a shadow puppet performance.

There has certainly been a buzz in the air this week as the level of enthusiasm from the children has been fantastic.

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