Across the Trust Year 1 received a mysterious letter from the University of Exeter telling us that they think dinosaur remains may be found in the grounds of our schools. They provided us with a map of where the remains may be located, and also sent us some tools to help dig carefully for them. We were very excited and couldn’t believe how amazing it would be to find some bones! We followed the map closely in each of our schools and dug very carefully in the correct spot! You will never guess what we found…something that looked like teeth and bones! We brought them back in to class and examined them closely to see if we could match them up.  

We wrote back to the University to tell them our findings and asked them what we should do with them? We have also been writing scripts to make a news report, informing everyone of our exciting discovery. These will be recorded and shared after Easter for you all to see. Finally, the children have been learning about all the different dinosaurs including a T-Rex and a Diplodocus which has been fascinating – did you know a Diplodocus used its bottom to push trees over so it could eat the leaves?  

We can’t wait to share our amazing news stories with you and have loved this project so far.  

BCPS Dinosaurs 01 LWCPS Dinosaurs 01WCPS Dinosaurs 02YVPS Dinosaurs 03