This term Year 3 have started to learn all about the Shang Dynasty.  They have become archaeologists and looked at a variety of ancient artefacts from this period in order to learn more about the people who lived during this fascinating time in history.

As archaeologists are usually the first people to discover objects, we had to look carefully and make predictions about what they were made of, who would have used them and what the purpose of the object was. These artefacts included an axe, a ding and an oracle bone. Year 3 have made some fantastic predictions, here are a couple:

‘I think that the Ding is made out of marble and stone. Since there is an opening at the top of the Ding, I think that they shovel coal into the top and cook their food’ – Adria YVPS.

‘A Jade Bi Disk looks like it is used for a calendar but it is made of something else. The Jade Bi Disk would work if you spun it and whatever it lands on will be the date, time and day.’  - Kavya BCPS.

‘I am enjoying it so much. I like it because it has so much new and different things, like Music and Art - I especially like the pictures of the Taoties.’ – Ava WCPS.

In Art this term, the children are going to create their own Shang vase. This week, they are focusing on drawing and designing their own Shang-inspired stencils. Over the weeks, they will decorate their vase with various materials such as tissue paper to ensure that their vases are vibrant and eye catching.

WCPS Y3 Shang 04WCPS Y3 Shang 01BCPS Y3 Shang 01