A warm welcome to all our families old and new!

Our Nurseries are your child’s first experience of school life and we welcome you all as members of the Cornerstone Family.

We have exciting projects this term and are currently exploring and finding out ‘All about Me!’. Where we are getting to know your children, their personalities and what they like and dislike.

All the children have particularly enjoyed exploring the Nursery environment. This has been great to develop the children’s listening skills, following instructions and some great physical exercise in a safe and secure area.

This week we are starting to introduce our Nursery Phonic Program RWI (Read Write Inc.), the children will learn 3 new sounds per week.

The children have a Story of the Week – which we all enjoy together, sitting and listening in a large group, interacting and joining in.

We have been making new friends and finding out about different families. We have been learning to share our toys, equipment and take turns when playing. We have been trying really hard to be good friends to everyone in the class.

We are looking forward to our Colour Project in which we will learn about the Abstract Artist Jackson Pollock, he painted his pictures whilst listening to Jazz music. Also Halloween week and making Christmas Cards. A very busy Term ahead!