Year 1 took part in exciting activities and experiments on a visit to Torquay Museum.

Our first activity was a scientific experiment where we tested how long we could hold our fingers in ice cold water! We tried with and without lard on our fingers and discovered that with the layer of insulating fat our fingers stayed warmer. This showed how animals manage to stay warm in the Arctic.

We then completed a whole range of activities in groups. We created snow boots using cardboard and string; wrapped up Leon Lion in clothes ready for the cold weather; and made a compass using a needle, magnet and leaf – which we floated in water to see if it worked. Finally, we had a tour of the museum where we learnt lots of facts about explorers.

After lunch in the lecture theatre, we were able to explore the whole museum. We went to the different floors in the Museum and looked at all the wonderful things they had there. They even had things related to our Egyptian topic like an Egyptian mummy and a sarcophagus.

It was a full, fun packed day.

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