Year 1 classes have had a very exciting start to the school year with their Ancient Egypt project. It all started with a letter asking them to create a brochure 'All About Egypt'. First we began with an afternoon of dressing up and some food tasting to get us in the spirit which was very exciting. We have learned some really interesting facts about the Pharaohs and the pyramids and discovered some of the animals we might see over there. We also learned about the climate in Egypt which taught us what we might need to pack if we go on our holiday over there. 

As part of our project we have also learned how to write words in hieroglyphics and designed our own sarcophagus which we really enjoyed. To finish our project over the next couple of weeks we are going to be designing and drawing a map of all the main tourist attractions along with important landmarks in the country. 

We have so far loved learning all about Ancient Egypt and can't wait to get our brochures finished so we can share them with everyone.

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