Across the Trust Year 2 have had a brilliant start to the year so far. They have been history detectives finding out about disasters and triumphs and creating their own timelines. The children have researched the Great Fire of London, finding out about the events that led to the spread of the fire as well as learning about key figure such as Samuel Pepys. They have learnt about the styles of Tudor houses and the materials used to build them to understand how they caught fire so easily.

Year 2 have used their skills to work collaboratively as scientists to investigate materials and their properties. They have carried out a floating and sinking experiment to find out which materials would be best to use to create their own model escape boats. They have drawn detailed designs of their boat and have carefully selected the materials they want to use; we’re looking forward to creating and testing them over the next few weeks! 

Year 2 have also started their Healthy Living project; they have used their knowledge of food groups to identify healthy and unhealthy foods. They are now creating their own Healthy Living booklet to share with children in the younger year groups to explain how to live a healthy lifestyle. 

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