Across the Trust, the children in Reception have been settling into the school routine and have had an exciting and busy first few weeks of school. Our project ‘All About Me’ has encouraged the children to share their favourite things, families and interests with their new friends. We have really enjoyed getting to know each other. From drawing self-portraits in our role-play art galleries to stamping our handprints and designing puzzle pieces, we’ve showcased our personalities and built friendships with others.

We have all come together for our virtual morning assemblies, giving the children an opportunity to collaborate with other children across the trust. Within the schools, the children have been engaging in outdoor learning activities including apple pressing to make apple juice, visiting the goats and ‘Fred talk’ games around the outdoor provision to help the children with their sound recognition and blending. This has been supported by our daily phonics input, where the children have been working in focus groups to learn their sounds.

This week, as we enter into Autumn, Reception have been exploring their school environments by going on a shape and colour hunt, linking to our new project ‘colour’ and the book ‘Elmer’.

MCPS Reception

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