Year 4 have had an amazing start to the new term across the Trust. At the beginning of the term, the children were introduced to their first fantastic topic; ‘Famous Women in History’. The children worked in small groups to research different famous women and used their research to write a biography. Maisie said ‘’I really enjoyed researching about Amelia Earhart because I didn’t know much about her before’’.

In preparation for our Harvest Festival, we started looking at scripts and doing some of our own script writing. The children loved reading ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ and were set the challenge of turning a few pages of the book into a script that they could act out in small groups.

Over the past few weeks, the Y4 children have been busy learning and practising every day for their Harvest Festival. Each child is excited to have their own role in the performance and have been working tirelessly to make it a performance to remember.

In Geography, the children have started learning all about different climate zones. We have used globes, atlases and Digimaps to explore different climates. The children have also used Minecraft Education to work collaboratively to build their own biomes. The children have had to think carefully about their climate to ensure that it has everything needed for animals and wildlife to thrive. The children have demonstrated excellent teamwork and created some amazing online biomes ready to share with others across the Trust.

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