Across the Trust Year 1 have had lots of opportunities to show their creative side within our Autumn project this term. First, we collected leaves of all different shapes and sizes from outside. Then we looked at all these leaves and put them in size order and colour order, which was great fun! Eli said, “I loved going outside and looking at all the colours of the leaves”.

We used these leaves to do some leaf rubbings using pastel, looking at all the amazing lines and patterns that were created. Jessie said, “I love this, it’s really fun” and Tally said, “it’s so cool, you can see all the lines and the stem”. After, we used these leaves to create another piece of artwork. We cut the leaves in half down the stem and used a mirror to help draw the matching half. This allowed us to focus on all the detail of the leaves and the different shapes. Everyone worked so hard and created fantastic leaf drawings. We also created different pictures using leaves, such as flowers and birds, which all looked amazing!

Year 1 also had the opportunity to learn facts about Autumn and carry out research in groups to find out more about Autumn. We learnt about the different colours the leaves go and all the changes in weather that happen in this season. We used these facts to write a piece of writing about Autumn, which included lots of new words that we had learnt. “I love writing and I enjoyed writing about all the things that happen in Autumn ” said Theia.

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