Across the Trust Year 2 have thoroughly enjoyed learning all about how to live a healthy lifestyle. They have immersed themselves into a range of activities, all based around staying healthy. These activities have included making smoothies, fruit kebabs, chopping vegetables and creating an exercise plan. Amelie said that her favourite activity was making the fruit kebabs and getting to eat all the healthy fruits! Freya said she enjoyed tasting the fruit smoothies which were delicious.  

Everyone has learnt about the 5 main food groups: carbohydrates, protein, dairy, fats, fruits and vegetables. The children discussed how much of each food group they should be having each day and could state that we should eat at least 5 fruit and vegetables. Aaron told us how, although the aim is 5 a day, it is recommended we eat up to 10! Some children have kept a daily food and exercise diary, sharing with the class all of the meals they have eaten, and the exercise undertaken. Emily said how she enjoyed keeping her food diary as it made her realise what different food groups she was eating. At Westclyst while virtual learning lots of the children made their own smoothie recipes and were keen to give these a taste, Ned said how he thought his smoothie was the very best. It included grape, banana, raspberry, peach and orange juice. 

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