As an introduction to our new topic The Frozen Planet, Year 1 across the Trust took a virtual trip to Antarctica. In the morning the children made their own passports and boarding cards ready to arrive at the airport. Upon arrival, the children had their passports stamped and boarding passes torn and checked in their luggage. Then we boarded the plane and had a virtual tour around a real aircraft. After take-off, the children had refreshments on board and enjoyed the virtual views out of the window. Once we had landed in icy Antarctica, the children wrapped up warm ready to get onto the boat to go and visit the penguins.

They learnt lots of facts about the penguins and were shown how to walk like one. They made their own penguin and egg and created a ‘life cycle of a penguin’ wheel. Then we got back on board the boat, ready to go and visit the orca whales. The children were amazed with how big they were and all the interesting facts we learnt about them. We then followed steps to draw orca whales, labelled the body parts we had learnt about and created an Antarctica scene.

It was then time to board our plane back to England, ready for home time. Once we had landed safely back in Exeter, the children enjoyed sharing their highlights from the day and things they had made with the children from across the Trust.

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