Getting back outdoors has been a welcome relief since 'lockdown' and there has been a positive response to our Outdoor Learning programme this Autumn term. The children of Cornerstone have got their wellies back on and have been involved in some interesting and skilful work. The Autumn season never disappoints with wonderful vibrantly coloured leaves and, of course, those serene frosty mornings! Making good use of the surrounding trees, the children gathered horse chestnuts to use for a number of activities including games, making jewellery and for ornamental purposes.

Some of the children have been exploring different materials to construct a den, they then compared their dens with other groups in their class.

They have also familiarised themselves with surrounding plants to create interesting items such as medallions! To make these sorts of activities a success, the children had to engage in identifying the different variety of trees, using tools such as drills and saws in a safe and effective way and also certain useful knot tying techniques. As the term progressed, the children started to take some ownership over their outdoor learning area and got involved in some exciting and impressive tribal war-dancing with bamboo head-dresses!

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