This term we were incredibly fortunate to have an artist visit our Trust virtually! RichT is a renowned street artist who is based in Bristol but has travelled the world to showcase his artwork including countries such as Russia, America and Germany. Although the logistics for visitors is extremely challenging due to recent circumstances, it certainly inspired the KS2 children across the Trust. RichT very kindly guided us through his work and told the story of how he became such a recognised talent on the art scene. Using Microsoft Teams, all the KS2 children and teachers were able to join the call and interact with live drawings and had the chance to ask the artist himself questions as well as make suggestions for what he can draw!

Following the call, RichT donated his live drawing to the Trust for the children to use as inspiration. This has sparked a wave of enthusiasm in everyone and there have already been some brilliant responses with inspired artwork.

Year 6 are now involved in a series of larger scale canvasses where they are collaborating together to paint RichT inspired artwork. This is the first time they have been introduced to canvas painting so it is an exciting experience. First they discuss what to draw, then they take turns to draw the outlines of their images. Next lesson, they are going to add colour and outline and discuss where they can they display their work.

This platform for visiting artists to engage with our school has certainly whetted our appetite for more similar events and we sincerely hope that RichT can visit again.

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