Despite the challenges of lockdown, we have enjoyed the opportunity to bring key stages and schools together for exciting activities each week. This term has seen the return of Mr Kimber’s Fun Science which has helped to bring all of us together in the enjoyment and exploration of simple, surprising and interesting experiments.

Over the past few weeks, the children have been tasked with creating a plethora of unusual items which help us to explore the science in our homes and classrooms, then share their discoveries on the Science Flipgrid. In Key Stage one and the Early Years, the children have become wizards by adding coins to full glasses of water without them spilling, making paperclips magically float and have created their own detective microscopes out of recycled plastic and water! They’ve also been trying unusual foods and enjoying them (even the ones they didn’t think they’d like!).

Years 3 and 4 have been equally scientific, using the power of air to send balloons in strange directions and paper spinning across the room. They have also been working on their tracking skills – identifying fingerprints and comparing them to their friends’ and families’. Using magnets to create compasses out of paperclips this week has also helped them track down any suspicious characters!

Our oldest children, in years 5 and 6 have been challenging what they believed to be true. They have used fair testing to examine which material creates the most effective aeroplanes, and how we should measure what a ‘good’ aeroplane is. They’ve also been thinking about how our eyes work, trying lots of optical tricks – identifying their blind spots and making holes appear in their hands! This week, they have been creating pinhole cameras to view the world upside-down.

Watch out for next week when we’ll be working with eggs… will they sink or float, and can we change that? And what will Key stage 2 learn about the forces in play all around us?

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