Victorian Day began unlike any other. Year 4 children across the Trust were encouraged to attend school dressed up in clothes fitting to the era. Upon their arrival at school or through virtual learning, children were immersed into a different time period and provided mathematical, writing and art lessons similar to those found in the 19th century. Maths was taught through rote and vocal lessons and writing had a cursive handwriting focus; whilst art explored the detailed sketching of botanists and naturalists of the era.

When playing outdoors, Year 4 were shown ways in which Victorian children would have kept themselves entertained. This meant we had children across Devon practicing hopscotch, skipping and marbles. The pupils were also given the opportunity to tour houses and streets, similar to those of 1860s Britain. From here they were able to identify similarities and differences between modern homes and those of 200 years ago.

With such a packed day, Year 4 were also able to squeeze in the odd Victorian punishment to ‘demonstrate’ to the children, from the dunce hat to the finger stocks. The children had a fantastic experience on their virtual historical field trip.

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