This Year’s 500 Word competition has been a trust wide success, with children in every year group submitting entries to our annual writing competition. Unfortunately, the BBC’s nationwide competition came to an end in 2020, however we loved it so much we decided we would continue our trust wide Cornerstone competition.

The 500 Words competition invites children to tell a story in 500 words; a story that will be judged by the school librarians and teachers, the only rules – it must be original, and it must be less than 500 words (or 200 words in KS1). This year the pupils in the trust have had an added challenge in that many of them have all been completing their stories virtually. We have been incredibly impressed with the quality of the writing and the imaginations that have created the stories. Reading them we have laughed and gasped and been mesmerized!

The winners of the competition will have their stories read aloud in the Whole Trust Assembly, on Friday, by their class teachers.

BCPS 500 Words 01BCPS 500 Words 02BCPS 500 Words 03