Following a very successful safer internet week in school, we have continued to talk to the children about their gaming habits at home and with their friends. Teachers have been talking about healthy screen time habits including bed times and hours playing games, as well as safe behaviours for chatting to other gamers, not sharing personal information, and being careful not to get caught by games that try to make you spend money to continue playing or improve your character in the game. We would like to share some further tips for supporting your child in safe gaming at home.

PEGI Ratings

The PEGI rating system is internationally recognised as giving an accurate rating for how old players should be to play games, and is based on the exposure to violence, inappropriate language, sexualised content, and other criteria, and clearly lays out what you can expect to find in a game before playing it, based on the rating. There is a summary of the PEGI ratings at the following link, which you may find useful to have at home for reference. As well as age ratings, PEGI now includes a series of icons that represent the specific issues within each games so that parents have a more detailed picture of what the game contains.


Ask About Games

P.L.A.Y is an initiative from Ask About Games aimed at supporting families in setting good gaming habits and enabling parents to share in gaming and talk about games at home. It is also to help parents feel in control and set boundaries that are achievable with their children. The link to their website is And offers several good short videos to help explain how to use their suggestions at home.


Common Sense Media

The Common Sense Media website is a wealth of reviews and summaries covering websites, games, apps, YouTube channels, and other content, reviewed and rated by parents, teachers, teenagers and children. The app for phones and tablets is a great way to have instant access to their reviews, and subscribing to their parent email newsletter can help you keep up to date with what children are likely going to be asking to be allowed to access. You can find out more at